DASHLITE® Bilby & GreenMachine

Wind up torches have been around for a while, as have solar torches however both have their limitations. Wind up torches typically end up needing winding every time they're used while solar torches are useless if they've been allowed to go flat.

The DASHLITE® Bilby combines these two technologies so that you only have to wind it if its been left in the dark. Typically the solar panel will maintain a level of charge that means winding is seldom if ever required. Its very bright and uses three ultra bright LEDs that never need replacing.

Price $19.95 pus $7.00 postage and handling

3 year warrantee

DASHLITE® GreenMachine PowerStation

A solar dynamo torch that also provides the facility of being able to recharge mobile phones, and other rechargeable devices - four phone plugs included.
Three mode switch – one LED economy, three LED full power.


Price $24.95 pus $7.00 postage and handling

3 year warrantee

To ORDER please email email@dashlite.com.au